Staff Contact List – Region 13

Reading – 484-651-8000  or  833-229-6927

[email protected]

Barbara StarkeyRegional DirectorExt.  502
Deliana DiazAdmin SpecialistExt.  501
Judy YearianFamily/Provider Assistant ManagerExt.  509
Claribel ValentinProvider Services SpecialistExt.  604
Carmen AlmonteFamily Services SpecialistExt.  503
Tylin AlcarazFamily Services SpecialistExt.  504
Xiomara CabrejaFamily Provider SpecialistExt. 500
Linda KorpiFamily Services SpecialistExt.  506
Kimberly LampProvider Services SpecialistExt.  507
Evelin VargasFamily Services SpecialistExt.  508
Carmen ClearyFamily Services SpecialistExt.  510
Sheri RothSTARS Quality Coach484-560-1606
Mailyn ToutSTARS Quality Coach610-763-6264

Pottsville – 570-391-5211  or  833-229-6927

Deidre Stanakis Family/Provider ManagerExt.  600
Nicole ZubowiczFamily/Provider Assistant ManagerExt.  603
Jennifer KavanaughFamily Services SpecialistExt.  601
Kristen KeninitzFamily Services SpecialistExt.  602
Melinda ScheibFamily/Provider SpecialistExt.  511
Amber RuchSTARS Quality Coach610-703-8612
Amy BeadleFamily Services SpecialistExt. 505

ELRC Service Systems

Pamela ChoVP of ELRC, Regions 11, 12, 13, 14, 16610-437-6000 x2105
Elizabeth StairDirector of ELRC Service Systems 610-437-6000 x2194
Jori FarleyManager of ELRC Service System610-437-6000 x2112
Catherine ScarpaAdministrative Specialist Grants610-437-6000 x2137
Carmen RomanAdministrative Specialist610-437-6000 x2174
Stacey PerrielloAdministrative Specialist QA610-437-6000 x2109